Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Can't Sit Here

He's not a Muslim, you know. His father was, but all that Barack Obama got from the relationship was the melanin production. He didn't see the old man but the one time after the age of two. Everyone knows his mother was a white Protestant. No Islam in the mix, not at all, at all.

So when a couple of hijab-wearing Islamic ladies rushed to take up seats behind their beloved candidate as he addressed his adoring fans, it couldn't go unnoticed. Imagine that picture flashed nationwide, with a couple of women in sexually-repressive attire, supporting Mr. Obama. It would be another round of proving that he's Christian, and not anti-women's rights, and that takes him off-message. Candidates hate that sort of thing.

You can't sit here, the two Mohammedans were told. We won't tell you to remove your head scarves because that sounds so dreadfully prejudiced, but instead, we're moving you out of those seats and over to these that are well out of camera range.

Hebba Aref took offense at being moved to the back of the bus, as it were, and she spoke up, to complain about being treated like a hijab-clad chunk of radioactivity.

Thanks a million for your support, says the Obama campaign, with backers like you and your big mouth we're in trouble. It's all over the news. The Obama handlers orchestrated a lovely photo opportunity and created a new problem.

We're so sorry, they've said. We're so sorry. But the fact is, the picture that will be shown on television and newspapers won't have any hijabs in it. We're so sorry, we can apologize as long as you like, but the campaign got the picture it wanted and the organizers aren't sorry at all. They're sorry that you let anyone know, Ms. Aref, because until word leaked out, the orchestration was flawless.


Aeneas said...

OMG! There's someone else in this world besides me who is not an Obamoonie and doesn't get a shiver up the leg. I was feeling like in that movie where everyone turned into a zombie (or vampire, depending on the version of the movie) chanting slogans and I'm the only one left, wandering the earth all alone.

BTW, have you seen the 'seal'? The one with the eagle with an O on its chest and sun rising?


O hAnnrachainn said...

When he made his speech to sort of apologize for being friends with some of his friends, he used the same speech that Richard Daley used to apologize for the Mafia members who were tied in with City of Chicago deals. No surprise, in that they share a speech writer. Mr. Obama is a product of the Chicago Machine and he's being promoted by the Daley clan.

You're not alone. Anyone familiar with the cesspool that is Chicago and Illinois politics watches all the insanity with despair.

Super O, is it? What will the advertising execs get up to next?

Aeneas said...

I guess the sane people will have to go out and vote in November...

I live in California, the land of nuts and fruits, so I have no idea or hope around here. But, I can't imagine that there aren't an equal number of sane people in this nation of over 300,000,000 people to counter the vote of 30,000,000 or so loons or ignorant.

It's not just the Chicago machine--and it does have a reputation even here--it's the whole package of ideology and baroque marxism and Manchurian candidate feel. I've lived it, so I know it when I see it. The Wolves of Pavlava did come from personal experience. I sit here, in the US, and I can't believe that I'm seeing it unfold here, after it's gone to hell in Eastern Europe.I've survived it once, and I know how to survive it again, even better the second time around, but, I really, really don't want to go through the exercise again. If Obama becomes president, I will make my moves to protect me and mine. May be nothing untoward will happen, but I am prepared.

Please, tell me and assure me, that I am just imagining and being paranoid and all that. I don't mind if you do. I'd rather be called an idiot this time than be right. You seem to be a lot more savvy in politics than I am. Perhaps what is happening, people are just keeping silent and they will put the mark where they really think it should go in November.

This and the rejections... it's not been a good year. Sigh... ***rolls eyes***

Aeneas said...

Oh, by the way. I forgot to mention it--the seal has been thrown under the bus.

It disrespected him by making people laugh so hard they were getting the wrong shiver up their leg.

Unfortunately, the other side is even klutzier.

O hAnnrachainn said...

When a politician panders to the crowd, he'll say what they want to hear. Socialism sounds lovely, everyone gets their share and they don't have to bust their arses to get it.

Those aware of history know that socialism doesn't work. The people in Ireland found out it didn't work when government policies changed and prosperity appeared. There's still those who rant and rave about using the windfall of the Celtic Tiger to fund socialist programs. There's those who still don't get it.

If American democracy could survive the turmoil of the Great Depression, it'll survive the upcoming election.

If we can survive constant rejection and still keep writing and submitting, doesn't that prove that we haven't lost all hope?

O hAnnrachainn said...

I noticed that the seal was scrapped. Tried to make your man look presidential and he looked more like a tin-pot dictator with fancy trappings. Very funny indeed.