Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brokenhearted I'll Wander

Two rejections yesterday came from queries that included the first three chapters. It's rather expensive, sending all that paper in the mail, but if the query's marginal and the pages are good, that's better than sending out a dozen marginal queries and getting rejected.

The writing didn't excite. Not drawn in. All the usual phrases. The writing didn't make the cut.

There may be a spark of creativity, but it's not enough to start a fire. It's close, but it's not at the top of the peak and it never will be. Not enough talent for writing, for telling a story. Coming up short, like the lad who's five-foot-six dreaming of the NBA. No matter the talent for hitting the three-point-shot, he'll never play professionally.

Sometimes you have to step back and listen to what's being said. Sure, write if you enjoy it as a hobby, like some paint for relaxation with the knowledge that their canvas would never be sold or hung in a gallery.

To produce a novel that is deemed publishable requires more talent than I'll ever possess.

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