Monday, June 02, 2008

Vote Yes For The Lisbon Bunch Of Idiots

The new and improved Lisbon Treaty is waiting for approval, and Ireland's heavy political hitters are encouraging a resounding 'Yes" vote. Ryanair's Michael O'Leary may not be joining in the march towards an all-Europe constitution.

Why vote yes when you'd be agreeing to government by a bunch of European idiots and bureaucrats? Already the European Union is pushing to include the airline industry in the carbon trading game. Come 2011, and airlines have to cut emissions to 90% of the current level, or pay a tax. With technology to achieve emissions cuts non-existent, it's obviously nothing more than a stealth tax. The airline passenger would end up paying more for their ticket.

Mr. O'Leary has noticed that it's only in Europe that the carbon transfer scheme is running, so it's only the European companies that have an added financial burden that adds a cost not shared by the rest of the world. Everyone is hurting, with oil at an all-time high, so why punish the Europeans over some nonsense?

Already, Irish cement manufacturers and power generating firms are looking at buying their way out of emissions reductions that they can't hope to meet. Almost 90 million euros worth of credits will have to be paid for, and it's an expense that will be covered by everyone who uses cement or turns on a light in the house.

While you sit in your darkened room, dreaming the impossible dream of a cheap flight to sunny Spain, think how much it's cost you to make the grand gesture of reducing CO2 emissions. Throw as many euros at the carbon atoms as you like. Not one less will be emitted, but your wallet will be lighter for it.

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