Thursday, June 12, 2008

To Each According To His Need

Everyone's the same. Everyone gets the same rate of pay. Everyone is equal in Cuba.

Okay, Fidel's napping? Can't hear the truth, can he? Why upset a sick old man? No one want to burst his little bubble, not when he's reaching the end of his days.

According to Cuba's vice minister of labor and social security, the whole equal pay thing doesn't work after all. Tried it for fifty years and there you are. A little mistake.

Who would have guessed that workers wouldn't go for the "according to his need" part of Marx's philosophy? With everyone getting the same wage, no one gave a toss about quality. No one ever had a minute's worry about waste, and as for doing a good job, well, why bother putting in an effort that won't be rewarded?

There's not to be a great change, of course, or the people will get confused. In the future, Cuban employees will be guided by a revised dictate. From here on, it's to be "according to his work." More work will equal more pay.

Only the one word has been changed, so Cuban authorities can still say they have a communist system, just one that is more equal than others.

The lengths that bureaucrats will go to give themselves a raise and make it sound justified and reasonable....if this keeps up, they'll have a middle class on the island and how will they make that not come out like Animal Farm?

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