Friday, June 13, 2008

I Take It That's A No

Micheal Martin went all out to promote the Lisbon Treaty for Fianna Fail and still the only people who listened to him were in Dublin. As for the rest of the nation? It's a no.

All across Ireland, the news is the same. It's a no, thanks just the same, for the Lisbon Treaty that would have turned Ireland's governance over to a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels.

Minister Martin is quite certain that people voted no because the voters didn't know enough about the treaty to go out there and support it. Lack of information is at fault.

That would be lack of information nationwide, since every constituency failed to support the newest wrinkle in a unified Europe. Could it be that there actually was plenty of information out there, and it didn't support Fianna Fail's pro-treaty position?

Voters might not have known much about the treaty when they went to the polls, but they knew one thing. There were no benefits to them to cede control over their lives. They had no great desire to be told what to do by foreigners who had never set foot in Ireland before.

Contrary to the minister's opinion, it looks like the people of Ireland had plenty of information about the Lisbon Treaty. The suits who run the EU can call it a constitution or they can call it a treaty, but the thing was defeated before and now it's been turned down again. That is the information that the citizens of Europe would like to send to the politicians.

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