Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Became Of The Day Off

Noses to the grindstone, the editors of Crazyhorse were hard at work on Memorial Day while their peers were off enjoying baseball and barbecue. Shouldn't they have taken a day off as well?

If they had, I wouldn't have found "...We are sorry this particular manuscript (with emphasis on "this particular") was not selected for publication in Crazyhorse..." in my inbox and I could have had one more day to engage in blissful fantasy. After months of waiting, it came down to another rejection, but on a most upbeat note. That's more than can be said of Glimmer Train, whose editors were also hard at work on a holiday, sending off rejection letters.

Sometimes I get the feeling that literary journals put together a collection and then verify that all the content that they've selected is available. And they keep a second collection of second place finishers in reserve, to move up to the big leagues should a first round selection not pan out. Bad luck for me, to never have cleared that hurdle in a come-from-behind victory.

The editors must have found something worthwhile in the short story that I submitted. After all, they ..."hope (I) will send us another soon, though...". Will this morning be soon enough?

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