Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Agent Is An Angel....Literally

Writers need agents to negotiate contracts for them. Some writers, like Lorna Byrne, have their contract negotiated by angels.

She believes in angels, and not just the garden variety guardian angel that we're all issued at birth. No indeed, Ms. Byrne sees angels all around, and they talk to her. She talks to them. She's got a six figure deal with Doubleday to publish her memoir, so she must have landed some high powered angels with some very good legal advice at their wing tips.

Angels in My Hair is riding along the upper reaches of the Irish bestsellers, and Ms. Byrne's book is soon to be laid down in Australia. Before much longer, American readers will have a chance to read about her experiences with angels, God popping round for tea, and encounters with dead people. All thanks to the angels.

It was her talent for healing that brought her together with Jean Callanan, a marketing executive who helped Ms. Byrne put the book together. Sometimes it takes real live flesh and blood types to promote things, after all.

The book is selling well because it offers a bundle of Oprah-esque emotions about love and compassion. For a Catholic, it's more of the same old, same old, but in an increasingly secular world, the memoir is a sure hit.

Who wouldn't feel better to know that there's an angel whispering in your ear, giving you guidance? When the pressures of life get to you, isn't it grand to believe that there's a mystic out there who can heal your pain?

Now to convince my angel to fly to New York and work on those four agents who are looking at my manuscript.....

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Anonymous said...

I think fair play to her. Who can say that she doesn't see angels.
It's nice in todays world to hear positive things. Thousands of Irish people go to church, are they all mad for believing in the spirit world because that's infact what their saying when they go to mass. So what she made it big buy telling her story. I think she's cool.