Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Strangest Of Bedfellows

In a startling expose, it has been revealed that a group working mightily against passage of the Lisbon Treaty is connected with.....the U.S. military.

We all know that Sinn Fein is dead set against the new treaty that is coming up for a referendum in Ireland. They were against the European Union's constitution, as were so many Europeans that the constitutional referenda were halted. Now the constitution is back in fancy dress, masquerading as the Lisbon Treaty, and the Shinners are still against it.

However, it's not Sinn Fein that's in bed with the U.S. There's another group out there, just as dead set against the Treaty as the Shinners. They call their special interest group "Libertas Institute, Ltd.", but nearly every member is an employee of Rivada Networks LLC's Galway subsidiary.

Rivada was founded by Declan Ganley of Galway, and five of his colleagues operating Libertas are residents of Galway. The company makes communications widgets for a segment of the U.S. military and a few national guard units, so it hardly constitutes a secret CIA plot to undermine the Lisbon Treaty. And yet, one does wonder.

Sinn Fein is so riddled with informers that it's hard to say whether or not they've been infiltrated by Rivada Networks. According to reports, Libertas didn't spend a euro last fiscal year on their "No" campaign, while Sinn Fein has pumped out hundreds of thousands of leaflets. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and there could be nothing stranger than Sinn Fein united with the U.S. military. The Shinners must really, really, really be anti-Treaty.

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