Monday, April 28, 2014

The High Cost Of Infidelity Among The Rich Who Are Different From The Rest Of Us

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If your wife caught you cheating, would her first reaction be to sue the mistress for expenses incurred?

Not likely, considering the fact that you don't have money to shower on anyone, and a woman fifty years your junior wouldn't look twice at your ugly mug.

And that is how the rich are different than the rest of us.

There's all sorts of talk going around the sports world about Donald Sterling, wealthy owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. None of Mr. Sterling's personal opinions would be hitting the airwaves if he had kept to the marriage vows he made back in the 1950s.

Mrs. Sterling discovered her husband's infidelity and instead of throwing him out, thereby reducing her social position and personal income, she decided to get even with the wily Vanessa (or, she styles herself, simply V.) Stiviano. The offended party filed a lawsuit against the co-respondent, claiming a violation of California's community property laws. The gifts that Ms. Stiviano received were purchased with jointly held assets, and since Mr. Sterling didn't ask the missus if he could buy his girlfriend a very expensive condo and jewelry and whatnot, Ms. Stiviano has to return the items or turn over the cost of said goodies.

Sweet Jaysus, the mistress could have the old man if she wanted him, but God help the woman who thought she'd get some of the old man's money while the wife stood by wringing her hands.

So Mrs. Sterling sued to keep the money in a place where she had access to it, and Ms. Stiviano responded to the first shot fired by firing a broadside of her own.

Audio tapes of Mr. Sterling yammering about blacks are getting plenty of air time, and with each repetition, another voice cries out for retribution. There is talk of protest and pickets, and the team put on a display of their displeasure on the job floor. Not exactly a downing of tools, but would it be fair to the fans to walk out and not play a game because the owner was shown to be racist?

The racist rant toothpaste is out of the tube and it's not going back. Pressure will be brought to bear on Mr. Sterling to sell the team, and there will be plenty of potential buyers lining up, hoping to get a fire-sale price.

Half of the proceeds will fall to Mrs. Sterling, who has shown no signs of getting a divorce. If anything, she'd look for ways to tie up her husband's money before he strays again with another gold digger in need of a Bentley.

He can run around as much as he likes, as long as he doesn't spend money. And the average pretty young thing? Not interested in anything but the money. And money can't buy you love.

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