Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Publication Day For THE LIBERTY FLOWER

Congratulations to Katie Hanrahan on the release of her latest novel, THE LIBERTY FLOWER.

You can buy a copy at Amazon, BN.com, Powell's, Waterstones, and just about any other shop that sells books. If it isn't on the shelf, please ask your bookseller to order a copy for you.

And of course you can download a digital edition for any of your electronic devices and be reading this intriguing page turner.

Opening in the tumultuous era of the American Revolution in the prosperous port of Charles Town (later Charleston), South Carolina, THE LIBERTY FLOWER follows the blossoming relationship between an American partisan spy and the British naval officer who sets out to win her heart.

Sarah Mahon and Jack Ashford are torn apart by politics and behind-the-scenes manipulations intended to keep them separated. Life and stubbornness have a way of intruding, however, and as the long war winds down and another begins in France, Sarah and Jack struggle to maintain a tenuous link that binds them together, even if circumstances seem to divide them forever.

A work of historical fiction with a strong romantic element, THE LIBERTY FLOWER is an exciting look at the world in a time of international conflict, when the United States was a weak collection of squabbling states and England ruled the waves, along with commerce and international trade.

On this day when you're paying your Federal taxes, it might ease the sting a bit to read about those who were there when this grand experiment that is American democracy was first born.

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