Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Book At A Discount, No Fooling

Today is the day for pranks and practical jokes, if you're not too busy working like a dog with the boss breathing down your neck to be more productive.

Maybe your notion of April foolery goes no further than sending an e-mail to someone in the workplace that they might think is real, some idle threat about getting the sack or something. Just for a laugh.

But if you are more of the bookish sort, you could send around a notice to your fellow literati that there is a way to save money on an e-book and it's no April Fool's joke.

You really and truly can pre-order THE LIBERTY FLOWER between now and the fourteenth of this month, and use coupon code XU43W at check out. Then you'll only be paying half price for the book you'll receive on 15 April.

You can navigate over to the Smashwords page to read the flap copy, or you can download a sample and read the opening pages.

No joke. You really can save half on the price of an intriguing work of historical fiction with a strong romantic element. Set in the time of the American Revolutionary War, the story of an American partisan spy and the British sailor who she aims to convert to the cause is one that you cannot put down.

In two short weeks, you'll have it on your e-reader, ready to go for a calm weekend of reading and getting lost in a different era.

No fooling. Happy April Fool's Day, and mind the e-mails. You don't want to open something with a virus attached.


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