Monday, December 16, 2013

The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

In a field somewhere in County Limerick
The Little People are said to safeguard their gold at the end of the rainbow, and it's a rare person indeed who can find it. So if the gardai come upon you digging up a field in County Limerick, you'd better have your excuse, or your captured leprechaun, handy. Or you'll find yourself under arrest.

A convicted drug dealer was spotted in a field near Portcrusha, operating a digger. It's not all that odd, to see a digger being operated on farmland, but only if it's being operated by a farmer and not a man who is known to have made a small fortune selling drugs but gardai haven't located his stash.

As it turns out, the stash of over one million soggy euro was sitting in a pot. Or a container of some sort. At any rate, all that money was buried where the criminal thought the authorities would never find it.

The gardai had been watching the man for some time, what with his history and their desire to ensure that no one profits from criminal activity. They knew that he hadn't bought anything large, like land or a mansion or a posh car, so the money had to be somewhere and eventually their target would need a little something to pay a few bills and then they'd have him.

And have him they did. As the drug dealer was attempting to dry off some of the cash, he was nabbed. It is the biggest recovery of drug money in the history of the State.

The drug dealer is under arrest and is being questioned. It's not likely that the gardai will believe a story about catching a leprechaun and thereby gaining rightful ownership to the pot of gold. The man has some explaining to do, what with the Criminal Assets Bureau very interested in how he came to acquire that much money, and then there's the other branch of government that will want proof that he paid taxes on his business enterprise.

Maybe it's the government that's caught one of the little people in the drugs trade, and they've laid claim to the pot of gold at the end of a narcotics rainbow.

The old story needs a bit of revising, it appears.

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