Monday, August 25, 2008

The Laws Of Moses

The Catholics are always going on about the decline in numbers, about those who marry outside the faith and how can the bishops force them to raise their children as Catholics. The Jews are just as bad, crying over their male offspring who find nice non-Jewish girls and the Jews will be wiped out in a generation if this doesn't end.

A Chicago dentist found a way to encourage his grandchildren to avoid such tainted unions. Max Feinberg left a codicil in his will, disinheriting any of his heirs if they didn't marry a Jew.

And as anyone would expect, it's led straight to a court room with the aunts and the grandchildren at one another's throats.

There's funny business going on with the estate, claimed a couple of grandkids who didn't find romance among the Chosen People.

You should have thought about Grandfather's will before you tied the knot, said Mr. Feinberg's son. All this talk about funds not being distributed properly is due entirely to the complaining party, namely the kids with gentile spouses, not being happy with Grandfather Max's wishes. His last will and testament is what it is, and the son was only doing what his father wanted done with his money.

The Illinois Appellate Court is looking at the case, and the judges aren't united on the issue. His Honor Mr. Patrick Quinn, and I guarantee he's no more Jewish than I am, is upset at this display of bigotry beyond the grave. Can a grandfather forbid his descendants from marrying a black person? An Irish Catholic? As far as Judge Alan Greiman is concerned, the answer is yes. It's Max Feingold's money to do with as he pleased.

And then a third judge broke the tie and Max Feingold's so called "Jewish clause" was declared null and void. Even in death, you can't discriminate.

The case has been kicked up to the Illinois Supreme Court.

The family is torn apart, with writs flying like snow in a blizzard. Charges of mismanagement, of fraud and deception, are tossed about, while Max Feinberg's son tries to do what his father asked be done. It's cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

There's a reason why greed and avarice are deadly sins. Sure that's a Catholic notion and not something out of the Old Testament.

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