Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is This A Bad Time?

The word on the street is to query an agent when they move, under the assumption that they're looking to make a big splash at the new office and are more open to new clients.

Melissa Chinchillo didn't move offices, but she did move up, becoming an agent in her own right at Fletcher & Parry. A good time to send off a query letter?

Or maybe not. She's a full agent because Emma Parry has given it up. She left the agency, and she left her clients behind. Ms. Chinchillo, along with Christy Fletcher, inherited a number of clients who were no doubt a little upset to be losing their agent and having to deal with someone who might not get what they were writing.

But I sent a query anyway, just in case, in the middle of the turmoil, there might be a slight chance.

The form rejection arrived, the typical photocopied sheet. It could be a bad time to query anyone at Fletcher & Parry. It could be that my manuscript wasn't quite what they wanted at the time. It could be that they're only open to established authors because they've got enough on their hands at the moment.

It's the August doldrums. This is a good time to polish a query letter or work on another manuscript.

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