Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guinness For Strength

High in iron, huge in taste, the Irish know how to brew up some nutritious products.

Now comes word that Glanbia has bought out Optimum Nutrition, manufacturer of some less than yummy items like pure whey protein and creatine powder.

The deal was reportedly worth $315 million, picked up for cash by Ireland's biggest food group. Stockbrokers and analysts are pleased with the purchase, what with Glanbia being in the food business and the sports supplement market being an offshoot.

The two firms should get along splendidly. Glanbia is looking to expand into the nutrition market, and Optimum's employees will gain new markets for their products.

Glanbia is happy to have a ready-made company to give them a leg up, with the sports nutrition market said to be worth a couple of hundred billion euros. And the users of Optimum Nutrition's products should soon be finding that their supplements are more flavorful than ever. After all, Glanbia's big in cheese and butter. Won't they be adding a touch of Ireland in every bottle and gelatin capsule?

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