Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Fighting Irish

Light-heavyweight boxer Kenny Egan is going for the gold in Beijing.

The pride of Ireland, the captain of the boxing team, has punched his way to the medals podium, where he just might be standing soon, a gold medal around his neck. Mr. Egan has vowed to leave it all in the ring, nothing held back.

The fighting Irish aren't located entirely in South Bend, Indiana.

His last bout will be a tough one indeed, going against local favorite Zhang Xiaoping. The stands will be filled with raucous Chinese, while the Irish will be cheering from homes across the island.

Can someone make sure that Mr. Egan doesn't touch any Tiger Balm or Icy Hot or, in a pinch, a dab of Equi-block? Keep all over-the-counter cold medicines and the like out of his hands?

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