Friday, July 20, 2007

An Upset Of The Natural Order

Monday and Tuesday, the snail mail query rejections will be found in the day's mail delivery. Then on Wednesday and Thursday, possibly Friday, the e-mail inbox will contain the request for more pages....if, of course, there is any interest and the odds are heavily stacked against that.

How dare the literary agents not follow precedent that is carved into the hardest stone. Yesterday, Anna Webman at Curtis Brown rejected my e-query, but yesterday was a Thursday! That's a day reserved for acceptances. And then last night, Kristin Nelson sent a form rejection. Rejection? On a Thursday? To cap off the week, Stuart Krichevsky rejected an e-query that was sent nearly four months ago. Thanks for replying at all, of course, but it hardly seems worth the bother to send the form letter. And to reply on the wrong day of the week, to make matters worse.

I'm stunned. Years of training by literary agents, and now they've gone and changed the rules. What next? No reply to snail mail queries? Oh, no, wait, they're doing that already.

Might as well send out more snail-mail queries and use up the cache of stamps that's collecting dust. There's new ways of operating, and I've no choice but to begin training anew.

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