Friday, July 06, 2007

Barak As War-Mongerer

It's on the pages of the Irish Times. In his own words. Barak Obama wants to end the war in Iraq....and go after the entire Middle East. Get ready, Shannon Airport, because there's going to be a steady stream of soldiers stopping by. Lay in a hefty supply of tea bags.

He's aware of the dangers of rogue states and terrorists and rising powers who challenge America. Those terrorists come from weak states that can't control them. Oh, and terrorism is due to global warming as well, because a warmer planet will spawn new diseases and devastating disasters and cause deadly conflicts. Scientific evidence has pointed to a flourishing of new species during periods of global warming, but that hardly fits the scenario being painted, now, does it?

But is your man pessimistic? None of it. He sees a call to action. We all know what that means. War of course. Anything else would be sitting around like a bunch of lazy sots.

When Barak is in the White House, he's going to promise the world that the US doesn't want permanent bases in Iraq, like the ones that were put in place in Europe to keep an eye on the Soviets and contain the spread of communism. No indeed, he won't have any of that to keep an eye on the jihadists and prevent their spread. And why is that? Because he's going resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as that's the source of the problem.

He still believes that the unresolved issue is the Palestinian state business. The fact that the jihadists call for the formation of a world-wide caliphate under Sharia law must have fallen on his deaf ears. But he's hearing the Iranians loud and clear. Tough-minded diplomacy will clean up the Persian mess, and he's including military power in his list of tools to bring Iran and Syria into line.

Mr. Obama plans to revitalize the military, to "put boots on the ground in order to take on foes that fight asymmetrical and highly adaptive campaigns on a global scale." Does that sound like a man who's going to pull back to America's shores and keep the soldiers confined to barracks?

We'll leave Iraq and go into Iran, Syria, and Pakistan. Barak Obama is talking all-out war, on a wide scale. And his supporters think he's all about peace in the Middle East.

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