Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Joy Of The Joy

Good morning, the guards might have said to Joe O'Reilly earlier today. Welcome to the Joy. Mountjoy Prison, once called Mountjoy Gaol, still a monument to British rule and the fight for independence. Still lacking central plumbing. Slop out your cell, please.

Joe O'Reilly said he didn't kill his wife. He said he was at work with a colleague, but mobile phone records put the two men in two different places when they were supposed to be together, and the alibi witness said on the stand that he wasn't really sure of the timing of their work schedule. Maybe he was apart from Joe during the time that the coroner determined Rachel O'Reilly was being murdered.

After a long day of deliberating, the jury in the Rachel O'Reilly murder trial decided that her husband Joe had the motive, the opportunity, and the desire to be quit of his wife. The evidence presented in court led the jury to declare that Joe O'Reilly had been at the family home and beat the woman to death. Guilty of murder, sentenced to life imprisonment, and there'll be no leave to appeal granted.

Joe O'Reilly gave every indication to his acquaintances that he wanted to divorce his wife, but Irish custody law favors the mother and he wanted sole custody. A complaint filed by his mother to the child protective services did no good; the children were not removed from the home. What to do, when he wanted to have his family but with a new wife?

Welcome to Mountjoy, in all its Victorian prison architecture glory. By trying to gain that which was completely selfish, Joe O'Reilly is left with nothing. And he's sure to be missing the flush toilet by now.

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