Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Repeat Performance

Things are going from bad to worse for dancer Michael Flatley these days. He won the case against the woman who was trying to extort money from him, and her lawyer was disbarred in the process. All good, you'd say, but now the action has moved to Europe and the Lord of the Dance is dodging legal summonses right and left.

Hot on the heels of court action in London, brought by Martin Flitton, Mr. Flatley is now on the verge of being sued in Dublin by his former publicist. Geraldine Roche is getting some legal advice and will doubtless be encouraged to proceed.

Makes sense that Ms. Roche is now the "former" publicist, having broken off with the man with legs insured for $40 million last January. There has been an ongoing dispute over fees, to the wild tune of Eu250,000. That is a lot of money, not even taking into account the current exchange rate. That would be the equivalent of some high-priced publicist not getting paid for years.

Mr. Flatley has a new spokeswoman, who had no comment about the latest legal trouble for the dancer. She also had no comment about the action in the London courts, where Mr. Flitton is trying to recoup Eu600,000 in fees that he says are owed and Mr. Flatley disputes. Unlike the earlier case in Illinois, where the attorney for the prosecution was incompetent, Mr. Flitton has signed on with the firm of Mishcon de Reya. They are perhaps best known for representing the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in her divorce proceedings.

Makes you wonder if the missus is behind it, nagging at the Feet of Flames, telling him he's been cheated by the spongers and he's well rid of them and don't be paying them, he doesn't owe them anything. He wasn't having this kind of legal trouble before he got married, was he?

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