Friday, June 29, 2007

Hooked On Hooks

There has to be an addiction to querying, and I'm afflicted. I was trying not to write another query letter, to let the brain rest and come back fresh this autumn, but there it was.

While reading over the log lines for books that are due to be released later, I ran across a few words that fit really well with a manuscript I've been shopping intermittently. Why not, my query-starved head asked, use that sort of description and create a hook around that?

Why not? Well, I wasn't planning.....I'm trying to get past this urge....yes, it is a new idea and maybe it would work, with the right sort of tweaking....

Or not. I queried Susan Ramer at Don Congdon's agency on Friday night and got a rejection by Monday morning. Then Matthew Carnicelli fired off a form 'no' on Wednesday. I dropped six of the new queries in the mail, so that I can look forward to maybe getting one or two snail mail rejections in a few weeks.

Too hasty, too wrapped up in satisfying the insisting demand to come up with a good hook, a decent synopsis paragraph, and a respectable closing. I'll be tweaking the hook again, to smooth out the rough edges. And then I can give in to the pleasures of query letters, to look forward to the misery of getting rejected over and over again.

Best make sure that the liquor cabinet is well stocked.

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