Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello, Is Anyone Listening?

The Greens have been meeting with Fianna Fail on a daily basis. They exchange position papers, move about, and take up new positions, trying to find common ground on which to form a stable government.

Fianna Fail, in a very clever maneuver, is also trying to rope in a few independents, which would make it mathematically impossible for the likes of Sinn Fein to form a technical group and retain speaking rights in the Dail. If things fall into place, the last remnants of Sinn Fein would have little or no function in the next Dail, no input on anything, forced to sit on their hands during leaders' questions, and stay out of the way of the big dogs. Not at all what Gerry Adams had in mind, but such is politics in the Republic.

But you hear it? It's a very tiny voice, but if you listen closely, you can just make out Enda Kenny. There he is again. Wanting everyone to know that the Fine Gael - Labour coalition isn't quite out of it yet. If he can seduce the Greens, convince them to climb into bed, then he can be the next taoiseach and his dreams will be realized at last. So let Fianna Fail woo the Greens, promise to respect the in the morning and the whole bit. He's going to talk to them as well, and offer them a loving, stable relationship for the next five years.

There he goes again, singing the same old tune. Bertie Ahern has had questionable financial dealings. Dearest Greens, you can't possibly want to hold hands with a man of such low character. He doesn't really love you, not like Fine Gael and Labour could love you if given a chance.

Reminds me of old movies, where the girls were dazzled by the bad boy, to the chagrin of the clean cut young gentleman who never failed to open a door for a lady. And just like that same good lad that any mother would be proud of, no one pays him much mind. The bad boy is so much more fun to be around.

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