Friday, June 29, 2007

Feet Of Flames In The Dock

Nothing succeeds like success, but success has its own set of difficulties. Michael Flatley had to defend his name in court not so long ago, fighting against a woman who made false claims because Mr. Flatley was successfully rich. Now he's to be back in the dock, but in London this time, and it's a rather sad set of circumstances.

When Mr. Flatley married his pregnant girlfriend, his business manager Martin Flitton was there, a member of the wedding party. That's not a post that's given out to a casual acquaintance or someone not liked, so there's every indication that the two men were on good terms a couple of years ago. Now Mr. Flitton has brought a case against Mr. Flatley, a most unfriendly and acrimonious gesture that spells the end of their association.

A judge has not yet heard the case, so information is sketchy, but it has been suggested that a business dispute is at the heart of the matter. Having served as business manager and press spokesman, Mr. Flitton performed a variety of services and has been credited with some part of Mr. Flatley's success and wealth. Somewhere along the line, however, Mr. Flitton felt that he was shortchanged or cheated. Odds are, Mr. Flatley is feeling hard done by, presuming that Mr. Flitton was getting greedy or taking advantage. That sort of thing is guaranteed to drive a wedge between friends and set them apart, off to their war camps to huddle with solicitors and barristers.

They may reach a settlement before this goes to trial, but the friendship that once existed is surely damaged. Once the dust settles, Mr. Flatley will be on the lookout for a new business manager. Then the Flatleys can go back to their wedding pictures and Photoshop Mr. Flitton out of their lives.

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