Friday, September 05, 2014

What Could Have Been At Croke Park

Garth Brooks wanted to open his comeback tour in Dublin. He had everything ready to go, in fact, except permission to hold the concerts in the manner in which he decreed.

So the Garth Brooks concerts were cancelled and tens of thousands of European fans were left to cry in the rain. Isn't it usually raining in those country songs?

He could have been singing in Dublin five weeks ago, but it was not to be.

Instead, he sang in Chicago last night to a much smaller crowd, around 20,000 fans as compared to Croker's capacity of over 80,000. He's performing more shows to make up for it.
Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks not in Dublin

More shows, Dublin. He wanted to do five but the council said no, that was too many, but he gets to do eleven performances in Chicago. So it's Chicago to get the tax dollars from ticket sales and drinks purchases and souvenir acquisitions, to say nothing of the revenue from hotel rooms booked by fans coming from near and far.

It could have been Dublin. But it was not.

Last night Garth Brooks sang for two hours and if he had sung in Dublin you might have heard him croon some of his old favorites and a few new numbers. Alas, your only hope was to be lucky enough to have family in the city so that you had free accomodations, if you could afford the price of the flight. 

And if you were so lucky as to have such things in place, you would have heard Trisha Yearwood sing a duet with her husband, the acclaimed Garth Brooks. They closed out the show together, voices combining in harmony. The crowd, by all accounts, was delighted with the music and delighted to see a favorite singer perform live once again, after a very long absence.

It could have been Croker.

Instead, it was Chicago, a city boasting a large population descended from Irish immigrants who took over the running of the town long ago and have yet to give it up. It seems fitting, that they should be the second choice for Garth Brooks when Ireland's authorities turned their backs on him.

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