Monday, September 01, 2014

Go Away And Come Back Tomorrow

They're not in today.

They're all gone. Off on holiday. Last of the summer, they said as they waltzed out the door.

I'm here, of course, to mind things in their absence. But as for conducting business? Sorry. You'll have to come back tomorrow when they return, ready to tackle an overflowing inbox full of queries.

While you wait, you might want to pick up something to read. To pass the time.

THE KING OF THE IRISH is right over there, free of charge. It's a story about corruption in Chicago politics. Historical fiction, to be sure, but it's funny how the same things are going on today. I'm told if you walk into the building that used to be the public library, over there on Michigan Avenue, that you'll see the names of some of the book's characters inscribed on a plaque. To the victor go the spoils, I suppose.

You're looking for something more in the line of historical romance? Good choice. Who wants to do any heavy reading as the days grow shorter and the cool breeze blows down from the north with that smell of winter. THE LIBERTY FLOWER is what you're looking for. That one is set in the Revolutionary War era, a family saga that will be continued in a sequel that's coming out in November. You can read the opening of THE SECOND WAR OF REBELLION at the website, but you'll have to wait to finish the whole thing. Unless you care to request a free advance copy. They left me in charge, didn't they? I'll give away what I like.

Enjoy the end of the summer.

It will be winter before you know it and they'll be off on their year-end holidays.

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