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The Second War Of Rebellion - A Review

The Second War of RebellionThe Second War of Rebellion by Katie Hanrahan
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From an ARC copy:

The saga of Sarah Mahon Beauchamp Ashford continues through the life of her daughter, a headstrong girl who finds her way in a foreign land among strangers.

Paralleling the shifting of world powers after the American Revolution, the narrative follows Madeleine Beauchamp's struggle to maintain a little independence in the form of keeping her American-ness while under pressure to conform to British ideals. She takes her battle to her stepfather's door, only to find that the rebellion she starts has spun well out of her control.

The relationship that develops between Madeleine and Jack Ashford forms the heart of a touching story, but there are enough historical details in the novel to draw the reader into the past, when America was a gaggle of somewhat united states and England was ruling the waves. Along with the world economy.

Like England, Jack is accustomed to being obeyed while Madeleine was raised with her mother's sense of liberty, but it is only after Jack tries to bring her under his absolute control that she understands the concept of sacrifice. To keep the independence she won as an American daughter of patriots, she has to fight, but she will learn that a battle involves both gains and losses.

Fans of THE LIBERTY FLOWER will not be disappointed in this sequel to the earlier novel.Those who have yet to discover Katie Hanrahan will be glad they did after reading THE SECOND WAR OF REBELLION.

The opening pages can be viewed here. Be sure to enter the free book giveaway that starts 20 Sept to win a copy.

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