Friday, March 14, 2014

Thank You For Entering

The giveaway has ended with over 1,000 readers hoping to obtain a pre-release copy of THE LIBERTY FLOWER.

Sadly, we have only 15 books, which will be on their way to the lucky recipients before the weekend ends and we're all busy celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

So thanks a million to everyone who entered the contest.

If you didn't win, you can pre-order the digital edtion at Smashwords and have a copy of THE LIBERTY FLOWER the minute it lands. There's always the usual places for hardcover copies, of course, and if your local shop isn't carrying a copy, please be sure to ask for one.

For the 15, watch the post as you'll be receiving a little gift from Newcastlewest Books very soon.

Thanks you all again. The interest in our books tells us that we're publishing the stories people want to read. Our readers inspire us.

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