Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free Book Giveaway Ends Soon

Would you like one?

One of fifteen copies of THE LIBERTY FLOWER, ready to leap from the box and into your book-loving hands?

The free book giveaway at Goodreads will be ending soon. On Friday, to be exact. And then you'll just have to buy a copy, which I wouldn't mind at all. The e-book will be available on April 15, when the book is laid down, if you can't manage the full price on the hardcopy.

Ready to give it a try? Go HERE and take your chance on a free book. Go HERE to read the opening pages if you want to know how a tale of love in the time of revolution gets started. Just go, now. Go on. Go on. You know you want to read Katie Hanrahan's third novel because she is such a talented writer.

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