Monday, January 06, 2014

The New Year Begins

The post-holiday hangover in the publishing world has ended at last.

This being the Monday after the New Year's holiday, the literary agents are back at their desks and the acquisitions editors are parked behind stacks of manuscripts...or they're peering at computer screens to read digital versions of the submission. They are all back to work, and it's time to get yourself back to firing off query letters and working on a new project and doing a bit of editing on that old manuscript that's been aging under the perfect conditions to be found in your closet.

Available in Spring, 2014
It's time for us at Newcastlewest Books to put the finishing touches on our newest release. Katie Hanrahan's THE LIBERTY FLOWER will soon be available and it would be grand if her readers could make use of Amazon's "look inside the book" feature. To do that, however, requires us here to put together the file and submit it.

No more distractions, like last minute gift shopping or organizing the menu for a drinks party.

The holidays are over. The party is over.

Back to work. The blog needs a little housekeeping as well to be made up to date.

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