Saturday, January 25, 2014

Evidence of Genuine Psychic Abilities

One of them saw into the future
When Tom Higgins went into the psychic phone line business in 1998, most people saw a scam in the making. A harmless one, perhaps, providing a bit of fun for a couple of euro per minute. A very lucrative profession for the former journalist, to be sure.

The phone-a-psychic thing was popular for a time, preying on the vulnerable or the lonely. There were those who called frequently, and those who became dependent on the soothing words of a purported seer to manage their personal lives. There were certainly those who ran up considerable phone bills and had to scramble to pay.

Back in the old Celtic Tiger days, all sorts of new start-ups appeared. Now the Celtic Tiger is dead and Irish Psychics Live is equally deceased. The website is down and you'd never know there once was a psychic phoneline that offered genuine Celtic psychics, who of course are the most psychic folk on the planet. Because they're Celtic, as opposed to the Roma ladies in that storefront?

Tom Higgins, who founded the firm, is coming out of this demise unscathed. Because he got out BEFORE the bottom fell out.

That, dear reader, is evidence of true psychic ability.

Back in 2009, Mr. Higgins was bought out by Gavin Hickey and Maxine Payne, who should have phoned the hotline before buying the company. Mr. Higgins walked away with 9 million crisp euro, exiting a firm that was showing strong profits.

As proof of his ability to foresee the future, Mr. Higgins sold the company just in time. The year after he left, the place posted a considerable loss. In fact, the government is owed upwards of 800,000 euro that will most likely never be paid.

When the phoneline was operating, there was no end of criticism and animosity directed at Mr. Higgins. What might his critics be saying these days, now that he's shown his ability to see into the future and stick someone else with a loser?

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