Wednesday, September 04, 2013

To Encourage Student Interest In Trinity College Dublin

Universities these days are competing for the best and the brightest. Which leads the administration to wonder what sort of amenities might attract that highly desirable student population.

Trinity College Dublin has found an answer, and it's a wonder some other prestigious institution of higher learning didn't think of it already. Or have the courage, after thinking of it, to put the plan into motion.

Trinity College Dublin
Any college would provide a shop, or a few shops, on campus to provide for the basic needs of the students. The scholars need their bags of crisps and hot tea to go. They would not consider a school that did not offer them an on-campus site so that they could easily grab a few groceries or a box of laundry soap. It's all about convenience for the students, whose schedules are tight.

But would any other school include an off-license establishment where the hard-working pupils could purchase the fuel that keeps your average student going? Where else are you going to buy alcohol on campus, without having to hunt out a supplier? How grand is that, to buy your beer and not have to lug it for miles through the streets of Dublin?

Local residents are outraged at the prospect of making it easier for college students to drink, what with the amount of drinking that's already going on. In some minds, putting the typical, which is to say interested in consuming adult beverages, in such close proximity to a source of alcohol would only exacerbate the problem. At least that is the tack taken by those who are dead set against the off-license. It's as if the university is condoning the sort of anti-social behavior that is associated with drunken TCD-ites, with all their public urination and vomiting and general rudeness. Let them go over to the nearest Spar and at least have to walk off some of their excessive intake in the coming and going.

All the complaints went for naught as An Bord Pleanala upheald the decision of the city council. Chances are, more than a few of the board members have fond memories of their younger days, when they could only dream of having an off-license so close at hand. And then there might be one or two who would rather the students stayed on campus and kept their anti-social behavior there instead of spreading it over the local streets.

Looking to further your education, and prepare yourself for the future? Of course you are. But now you can do it in an atmosphere of absolute convenience for you, the student of Trinity College Dublin. TCD is looking out for you. Where else are you going to find that level of care and concern? Why are you wasting your time filling out applications for other schools?

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