Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Overheated Computer

I'll be without a computer for who knows how long. The thing has a problem with overheating.

In the middle of a program, it's the black screen of death as some component inside decides that it's too hot. The fan runs. I've blown out the dust.

No other choice than to call in the Geek Squad.

Please God, let them come today and fix this thing. I'm afraid to work on my manuscript out of fear that I'll lose it should the computer come crashing down.

Then there's the work-related issues, like getting the payroll done before the motherboard has a hot flash. I have no hard copy of the tax tables, no hard copy of payroll data. I've become dependent on a normally reliable piece of metal and plastic.

Keep cool, dear computer, for a little while longer. I can't live without checking my e-mail.

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