Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brangelina In Chicago

The paparazzi are hanging around the Peninsula Hotel like flies on .... well, you get the picture. And they're determined to get the picture too!

In town to film a movie, Angelina Jolie and her entourage have taken rooms at a most luxurious spot, but they're having a difficult time of it, getting out and about. It's the photographers of course, chasing after the clan with cameras clicking. Wouldn't the little ones love a day out at the Museum of Science and Industry? Wouldn't the missus enjoy a slow stroll through the galleries of the Art Institute? Yet how could such a thing happen without a massive security presence? The planning alone would make the D-Day invasion look like a picnic.

If you happen to be crossing Michigan Avenue, be sure to look both ways. The madmen who snap photos for fan mags are driving like maniacs, ignoring traffic signals in pursuit of the money-making shot, and you'd not want to be the pedestrian who got in their way. In fact, you'd want to stay away from the Magnificent Mile altogether, or risk life and limb.

Seems cruel, though, in a way, to keep the little ones cooped up in a stuffy hotel room when the Oak Street Beach is just outside the window and the dolphins are leaping at the Shedd Aquarium.

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