Monday, August 06, 2007

Awaiting Your Query

Jennifer Lyons and Ayesha Pande are splitsville, as the tabloids might proclaim. I don't know how long they might have been together, but it's all over and they've gone their separate ways. The good news for us? They need clients, don't they?

Ayesha Pande has signed on with Nina Collins of Collins Literary, a highly reputable agency that has thus far seen fit to reject my queries. As for Jennifer Lyons, she made her literary chops long ago, having the good fortune to be born to publisher Nick Lyons, and sister to Skyhorse Publishers' very own Tony Lyons. With that kind of background, it's no wonder that she's decided to go solo at the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency.

If I could get motivated to write a new query letter, I'd be submitting to the both of them. As much as I try to develop a solid hook for the letter, though, my mind wanders and refuses to return to the task at hand. I keep asking myself, what would happen if Jennifer Lyons and Jonathan Lyons were to merge their agencies? Lyons and Lyons Limited? But then what would they call their agency if Molly Lyons left Joelle Delbourgo's stable and joined in? They'd be a Pride of Lyons, and where would that put Peter Miller of PMA? No longer king of the literary jungle?

Sure and it's another Monday morning. Back to work.

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