Monday, August 06, 2007

Bienvenue Au Lac Winnipesaukee

Can't blame Nicolas Sarkozy for choosing the US for his vacation this year. While all of Europe goes on holiday for the month of August, the newly elected President of France has arrived in New Hampshire for a bit of a rest. With the current exchange rate, he's sure to get the most bang for his euro.

The estate where the President will be staying goes for around $30,000 per week, an absolute bargain when you realize that the euro is worth around $1.30. The place is spacious, at 13,000 square feet of comfortable room, and as it is owned by a Microsoft executive, one can assume that it is wired for all the latest technological advancements. After all, the chief executive of a nation has to be in touch with his bureaucrats at all times, even if he is lounging on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.

The kids have the opportunity to swim, boat or fish on the lake, hike in the woods, and otherwise engage in all sorts of nature study type things. The family will, sadly, be lacking in many of the tasty tidbits that make up French cuisine, as health department rulings forbid the import of many meats and cheeses. Not prepared in accordance with American safe practice, so the Sarkozys will have to get by on processed cheeses and California wine laced with sulfites. Quel domage.

It's a good experience for the young ones, to live rough for a month. Gives them an appreciation for what they have at home. And it sends a message to those at home, that France is open for business with the US. Parlez-vous francais, Microsoft?


Anonymous said...

Winnepesaukee? A lake of jet skis, motorcycles, and deep fried onion rings is the vacation destination of the new French President? Go figure! Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful place, but it's just so...BUSY and PUBLIC compared with quieter lakeside destinations. On the other hand, it's BIG, so maybe he's in some quiet cove somewhere...

O hAnnrachainn said...

Not quiet enough, apparently. Monsieur le Presidente got into a bit of a tiff with some photographers.

So you're saying he's slumming? Mingling with the lower classes? Or perhaps he craves some greasy fried foods. Next year, it's Wisconsin and their famous fried cheese curds.