Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are There Any Adults Here?

The Illinois State House and Senate have devolved into a school yard, and there's a definite lack of adult supervision.

Rod Blagojevich became governor and figured that he could run the state and leave a lasting legacy, his name emblazoned on the lists of the great politicians. It's the Land of Lincoln, isn't it, and who wouldn't want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of himself. The problem with running things is that you pretty much have to enjoy a consensus, you have to be doing that which a majority would also like done. But when you can't get your own way, it does no good to have a temper tantrum.

The Illinois legislature refused to come to heel, because Speaker of the House Mike Madigan has been running the state for years and he's not about to give up his position of power. The governor tried to push through legislation that was wildly unpopular, although his cronies and political allies stood to gain. Wise politicians wouldn't go along with the program, seeing as they had an eye to getting re-elected when the polls next open. Mr. Madigan refused to kneel to the governor who would be king, and the fight has been hot all summer long.

It comes down to a lawsuit, with the governor suing the house speaker to do what he says and here's a court order that says you have to. It sounds more like a spat in the school yard, with an absolute whinger calling on the headmaster to make the upperclassmen be nice to the boy that everyone in the school despises. Solve the problems like an adult? Work things out through give and take? Not in Illinois. And why should Mr. Madigan bother, anyway? He's only to bide his time and Mr. Blagojevich will be indicted, and then there'll be a new boy in the schoolyard who's a bit more mature.

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