Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time To Rest

Five e-mail queries were sent on Friday, and two rejections came in promptly on Tuesday morning. He likes humor, but the humorous manuscript was not right for Dan Lazar. Susan Ramer at Don Congdon's agency is too swamped. Holly Root, now with the Waxman Agency, lacks the necessary enthusiasm or whatever is needed to push a project down the throats of the big publishing houses. The other two agents will most likely not bother with informing me that they, too, are not right or too swamped.

The query is not working. Of the batch of snail mails sent on the 21st, Katie Kotchman of Denis Marcil Literary Agency might be seeking clients, but she says they're scaling back on their fiction stable. Jessica Regel and Mollie Glick are too busy with existing clients; can't consider the manuscript. It's not right for Malaga Baldi. After thinking about it for almost three months, Deborah Schneider has decided that she's too busy as well.

There comes a time when the brain grows weary of the marketing side, when the clever hook fails to materialize and the query letter fails to attract the least amount of interest. Time to pull back from querying and have a little fun with the writing. Another manuscript is taking shape, there's another short story about half-drafted, and the query letters are best left for another day.

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