Sunday, May 20, 2007

Breathtaking Humility

The worst President in history? Jimmy Carter is pushing the label on George W. Bush, and we're admiring Jimmy's great humility, trying not to be at the head of the table. But when it comes to the worst President, ah now, Jimmy, you'll never shake the label.

You were hands down the worst man to hold the office. The most incompetent, no one can touch you there. Runaway inflation, the crisis in Iran, you've got those on your record. I'll never forget my neighbor whose husband lost his job during the economic downturn that was the highlight of your administration. She found a way to re-use emery boards, looking to cut corners at every turn. The Carter interest close to 20%...stand proud, now, Jimmy and wrap your arms around your legacy.

Jimmy "Turn Down Your Thermostat" Carter will be remembered as the wimp in the White House, donning a lovely warm cardigan during the height of the energy crisis. Long lines at the gas stations, such is the lasting legacy of Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia who was far out of his league as President. And he insists that George W. Bush is the worst President? If it weren't so laughable it would be pathetic.

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