Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cicada Watch 2007: Good Morning Starshine

The earth says hello...and isn't it like a bunch of teens to discard their skin and leave it laying around the house. Do they never clean up after themselves?

This is one small area of a Profusion crab tree that measures about 8 inches in diameter.

They crawled out of the ground last night, the little divils, and climbed up the trunk of the tree. Once they got up where they wanted to be, they split their skins right up the middle of the back and pushed their way out of their juvenile skeletons. They spread their wings, as children are wont to do, and crawled up into the branches where the leaves are doing a fair job of hiding them from the hungry birds.

And the shells that didn't stick for good on the tree fell to the ground, to make a lovely crunchy pile for the lawn mower to pick up and grind into mulch.

They haven't started their love songs just yet, but if you'd like the complete experience, go to: www.media.suntimes.com/images/cds/MP3/cicadas05.mp3 (can't get the link to work but you could copy and paste) courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times. Then crank up the volume on your speakers until you've reached the decibel level of a gas-powered leaf blower.....and enjoy.

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