Monday, May 14, 2007

Agent News

According to today's edition of Publishers Marketplace news, and I quote:
Graywolf Press has hired agent Rolph Blythe as marketing director and Anna Peterson will take on the new role of managing director. Most recently, Blythe has run the eponymous Blythe Agency. Peterson has been the program coordinator for the writing division at Columbia University for seven years.

A check of Rolph Blythe's agency website, however, doesn't give a clue about his plans. Will he still be an agent, perhaps on a part-time basis? Is he giving up agenting all together and heading for the steady paycheck from Graywolf Press?

An author could take a chance and send off a query, but it's anyone's guess if there would be a reply. And what happens to the stable of authors that Mr. Blythe represents? Will they be turned out into the cold, cruel world to find representation elsewhere?

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