Saturday, March 21, 2015

Take Advantage Of The Favorable Exchange Rate

The euro is nearly on parity with the US dollar, which means the bargains in Europe are there for the taking. What better bargain could you find than a castle? Yes, your very own castle.

All is not perfect, of course. You would be the proud owner of a pile in County Antrim, but if you are part of the Irish diaspora that fled Ireland to escape Protestant rule, this could be your best chance at revenge for your unfortunate ancestors. Antrim was once the seat of the clan O'Neill, but the native Irish were booted off their land so that the Ulster Plantation could take root and wash out Irish culture. Wouldn't your people be proud of you if you re-inserted a little piece of Irish-Catholic culture back again?

A man's home could literally be his castle if he had one million dollars on hand, plus a little loose change to cover the difference. As mansion go, it almost sounds too good to be true. But, again, this is in Antrim and not London or New York City.

Craigdun is the second castle to sit on the site, with the original castle torn down in the 1860s. The stones, however, were recycled, so in a way you'd be getting something from the time of James I.

At one time, the occupant of Craigdun was a fierce unionist who once threw a book at his nemesis, Winston Churchill. How delightful would it be to accept the keys to your new abode and then promptly have the local parish priest come in to exorcise that particular demon?

And it would not require much sacrifice to move in. The home has been renovated and brought up to modern standards, making it eminently comfortable for an old house. At the same time, the gardens maintain the feel of baronial splendor, where you could walk in the evening and imagine that you, too, are a lord of the manor.

Looking for an investment? The castle is currently used for destination weddings and appeals to those looking for a unique venue for their party. Book enough groups and you could pay the mortgage from outside income, while keeping an apartment for yourself. It's how it's done these days, to make such places affordable. 

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