Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Dry Niche Not In Need Of Filling

It's a cold winter evening and you realize a short whiskey would warm your old bones. That bottle that's been sitting in a cupboard for years will still be drinkable when your desire for a wee drop strikes. Liquor doesn't spoil. It won't go bad waiting for you to drink it.

Then why do we need powdered alcohol?

What the creator is calling Palcohol has just been approved for sale in the US, which means every other nation in the booze drinking world will follow suit.

You the consumer would purchase a packet of this freeze dried product and then rehydrate it. Just add water and stir...or should it be shaken? That must depend on what sort of cocktail you're mixing.

What could go wrong?

For those in Muslim countries, it might be a little easier to smuggle in the forbidden. Some powder in a tin masquerading as talcum powder, for example, could fuel a nice little party.

if you have a drinking problem you could use Palcohol like those flavored sugars we used to lick up as children. No need to carry around a flask. Dip your wet finger in the pouch and there's your liquid-free drink. You could get thoroughly pissed and never touch a drop of fluid. Trips to the jacks would be greatly reduced.

Then there are the teen-aged set of curious thrill seekers. How much easier it would be for them to sneak alcohol into a party without the vigilant parents noticing. Imagine the fun after one drunken guest crashes the car on the way home and his or her parents sue the adult who hosted the bash. Will parties for the under aged set soon require strip searches to safeguard the legal rights of the host?

And if one packet is good, what would stop some fool from gulping down two or three or one dozen packets in one sitting just to see what happens?

Imagine the fun the doctors and nurses would have with a steady influx of alcohol poisoning cases presenting on a busy Saturday night.

Does the world really need powdered alcohol? Isn't the real thing better, not needing anything to improve it?

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