Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Onward Christian Soldiers With Payments In Arrears

No money in Christianity
The Family Christian chain of bookstores has gone into receivership because there is no money in Christian books, apparently. Look at Christ's teachings and you see that there is no money in Christianity in general. It goes against the general set of beliefs. If you're giving away all you have to follow Him, there's no room in there for you to accumulate wealth.

What happens when a firm goes under?

There are unpaid bills to be balanced against what little might be in the till, which means some creditors get nothing while others get next to nothing. And when it comes to Family Christian, there is quite a line of Christian publishers realizing that they are about to be left out in the cold. After all, you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip, no matter how religious it might be.

Vendors who supplied Family Christian shops with product did so under the assumption that they would be compensated for their goods. As it turns out, the best of intentions doesn't create profit. After the rent was paid and the utlity bills managed, there was no money left over to pay for the books and gift items.

The publishers who provided the books sold at Family Christian stores had expenses of their own that were going to be recouped by payments that, it turns out, will never materialize. Where does a publisher then get money to keep its own doors open when it gets hit with a loss?

For many of the Christian book publishers, that moeny comes from royalties due the authors who wrote the books.

It isn't just a chain of shops that has gone bankrupt. A chain of authors who thought they had made it in the industry are discovering that a corporation's word is not guaranteed to be kept, no matter what the Bible says.

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