Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Clare Daly Is Not A Fan

So you thought Barack Obama was a socialist? The socialists don't think he's one of them, not at all, and Clare Daly's diatribe put paid to that argument.

Representing Dublin North, Ms. Daly is a genuine European styled socialist, and as far as she is concerned, the President of the United States is a war criminal. And the whole of Ireland is being prostituted for his amusement, lacking only a hefty dose of padderwhackery to complete the picture.

You could say she's not a fan of the charismatic black man with Irish roots on his mother's side, the side he doesn't promote because it is of too pale a hue.

She's not a great fan of Bono either, and once Bono was put into the same pub with Mrs. Obama and daughters for a much-publicized lunch, she found more fuel for her raging fire. Soak the rich being her philosophy, she deeply begrudges those whose hard work and talent have paid off and they want to distribute it to the needy as they see fit without Ms. Daly's input.

All the fawning by the media and the government has infuriated Ms. Daly, and she has spoken out against the nonsense.

Oddly enough, she'll have plenty of moral support among the right wingers, who aren't fans of Mr. Obama either. They're also disgusted with the adulation from the press and the wall-to-wall coverage of the Obama genealogy tour. They have been having great fun with the unsuppressed boredom of the Obama daughters, who have been seen looking completely bored. What teenager gives a toss about the Books of Kells?

By attacking the American president, Ms. Daly has guaranteed herself a bit of attention that she doesn't normally receive, existing as she does on the fringe of a movement that lacks popular support. There is a reason that the United Left Alliance does not hold many seats in government.

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