Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Running Fast To Stay In Place

Amazon changed the way books were sold and every other book seller has had to adjust or die.

Eason's, a venerable establishment in Ireland, has gone live with their very own online shop, to offer to the world what was once available in a limited area.

It may not be quite the same as shopping on O'Connell Street, but the internet location can give you a sense of what you might find if you were to make the trip.

Should you wish to impress your friends and act as though you've traveled, you can stock up on pens and paper with the Eason brand name on the wrapper. The paper sizes are different, too, so scribbling notes to co-workers on A4 rather than 8 x 10 will be sure to get you noticed.

Not to be outdone by Amazon's Kindle, Eason's is offering the Sony e-reader and the digital books to go with it. Their prices are in line with their competitor, with some books available for E8.99.

They've devoted an entire section to Irish literature and books of Irish interest, which gives them a leg up on Amazon. Like all the smaller vendors, Eason's has to carve out a niche that makes it unique in some way. Business will be good if they can appeal to the millions of descendents of the Irish diaspora who are curious about the land of their ancestors.

Who wouldn't want a signed copy of Rachel Allen's Home Cooking on display when friends arrive for some traditional St. Paddy's day fare? You'll find such a treasure at Eason's online, perfect to mount in the kitchen cookbook rack to impress the guests.

There's fiction to be found as well, novels written by Irish authors whose works won't necessarily be found on the far side of the Atlantic. Take a chance and buy something. You may find that the quality of the writing beats out any piece of commercial fiction available in your neighborhood, and you'll be able to travel to Ireland in your imagination. The cost of the novel is far cheaper than the airfare.

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