Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Grand Slam For Denny's

Most businesses would be satisfied with celebrating St. Paddy's Day, but not restaurant chain Denny's.

No indeed.

They're celebrating.....The Great Famine.


Two million people either starved to death or had to risk their lives on an ocean voyage to a strange land, to start again in America where they had nothing. Now that's a cause for celebration.

The Hibs (that's the Ancient Order of Hibernians for those of you keeping score at home) threatened a boycott (another Irish invention) and Denny's retreated as quickly as a landlord facing a gang of irate tenant farmers armed with scythes.

The advert has been pulled, but not before Denny's left a bad taste in many an Irish mouth.

I don't think an offering of all-you-can-eat green eggs for St. Patrick's Day would do a thing to make amends with the Irish community and the descendants of the diaspora. The best hope for Denny's at this point is to trust that few saw the commercials in the first place, having avoided viewing with a touch of the remote control.

They had problems a few years back with racial discrimination. Perhaps they could show how much they really care and celebrate something like, oh, say, slavery?

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