Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hurrah For Deficit Reduction

The latest version of the Health Care bill will reduce the deficit!

Let us all rejoice and be glad.

There's nothing like raising taxes to get the difference between income and expenses down. It certainly helps when expenses get reduced on top of it. The deficit just keeps right on shrinking and the picture glows ever more rose-hued.

So when that healthy young man glares at you with your walker or your oxygen tank, yes, he is wishing that you'd die. You'll be costing him money, in the form of a tax that he'll be paying. It will be called mandatory insurance, but it's a tax just the same, and it's money he'd rather be spending on his own pleasures than your doctor's bills.

Where's the incentive for our youth to go out and stay fit so they don't get sick? Their income is reduced because they have to pay that extra tax, so they can't afford much in the way of fun. They'll be eating fast food, trying to extract some small joys in life, and then where will you be when you need a heart by-pass and all those others in line ahead of you?

Worse than that is the fact that, with less disposable income, those same formerly healthy young things will buy less stuff, like books.

Book sales decline and publishers will buy fewer manuscripts. Fewer authors will have a chance to break into the big time.

It's all bad news to me.

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