Monday, September 24, 2018

One Day In December: A Book Review

What a pity that summer is over, but if you can get yourself to a beach somewhere, take ONE DAY IN DECEMBER with you.

Author Josie Silver spins a yarn out of entanglements in this book, with best friends Laurie and Sarah tangled up with Jack. From the love at first sight opening to the expected plot twist in which it's Sarah, and not smitten Laurie, who ends up with Jack, the narrative twists and turns through ten years of relationships building, growing, and coming to pieces.

Sure it may be quite predictable, but when you're looking to get away from the world's chaos, this is the break from reality that you need. Toss in a few stock characters, like the ex-girlfriend working in tandem with the shrewish mother-in-law to undermine a marriage, and all you need to add is a large rum-infused beverage to make it complete.

A bon-bon of a novel, it makes for a good weekend read even without the beach. But a warm fire or a cozy afghan would be almost essential.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for the review copy.

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