Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's A Hard-Knock Life

Literary agent Sarah Megibow recently announced that she was opening her own agency, with the blessing of her mentor Kristin Nelson.

Thus was the Megibow Literary Agency born, as the year 2014 closed.

Here we are in the third week of the year 2015 and Ms. Megibow has announced that she is joined KT Literary Agency.

It can't be easy out there in the trenches, battling competition and a downturn in publishing that has editors demanding nothing but blockbusters. But only three weeks in business? Is it all that bad?

Did she not start her agency with sufficient capital to manage for the first few months? Unexpected expenses, a deal falling through that would have funded the operation until she got over the hump?

RIP Megibow Literary Agency. We hardly knew ye.

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