Monday, December 29, 2014

Still On Hiatus

Christmas is behind us but publishing is still on holiday.

It is still too soon to send off a query. And don't even think about following up on some partial submission you sent six weeks ago. You'll get either no response, or a quick rejection for being so ignorant of publishing customs.

As far as publishing is concerned, the holiday is far from over. No one will be back at their desk until the Monday after New Year's Day, and there are some who extend the hiatus for a few extra days. The skiing might be particularly good in Gstaad this year, or the sun too warm to depart the south of France.

Don't do anything this week beyond writing or editing. Don't wonder about the state of your submission.

Unless you plan to query one of those agents who happens to be working while the rest of the publishing world plays.

Just don't get it wrong. Literary agents will put you on the black list if you query someone who is on holiday. They keep a permanent record, you know, like the nuns. Too many black marks and your publishing soul will be sent straight to rejection hell.

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